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To share not only to see Myanmar country but experience it as well: To be a traveler and not a tourist. To create the memories of Myanmar that fill travelers’ journals and serve as the inspiration for them to continue exploring.

This is the vision that drove two passionate travelers to establish Myanmar Diaries in 2010 and is the vision that, to this day, is embraced by the guides and team members behind the scenes.

The story began in 2007. Whilst on an independent holiday to Myanmar, Thomas from Germany fell in love with its people, culture and beauty. Beau, a Myanmar native, returned to his homeland around the same time after completing his studies in Australia. Having traveled extensively around Southeast Asia, and living in Cambodia, he returned with fresh eyes and a new appreciation for his country.

In addition to recognizing the allure of the country, the two friends also noticed a huge gap in the tourism sector. Travel agents and guides were sticking to the same itineraries, the same routes and tightly-scheduled programs that did not allow guests to truly ‘feel’ Myanmar. Both Beau and Thomas had experience in the industry and knew what makes an experience good, bad and absolutely incredible and they felt that too many visitors were missing out on an ‘incredible’ holiday.

And thus Myanmar Diaries was born. The two took a risk and jumped in to the fledgling market, developing unique, genuine experiences with highly trained guides, hidden local spots and a network of passionate employees throughout the country. Understanding the value of customer service and flexibility, Beau and Thomas continue to deliver unforgettable tailor-made holidays.

Although the team has grown and the tourism industry has boomed, the ethos of Myanmar Diaries has remained intact. With every new guest, with each new itinerary crafted and with each new day the team at Myanmar Diaries aims to share a truly unique Myanmar experience.

Why travel with us?

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We at Myanmar Diaries strive to provide a personal touch that leaves a lasting impression of awe and warmth. We have experienced everything firsthand, from hotels to restaurants, and we would like to share those unique and memorable experiences with our clients.

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